In this blog, I will be posting photos of all of my crafts which will mostly consist of polymer clay and needle felting, and maybe a little hemp crafting too >w< !! I hope to inspire others to start crafting and making their very own creations, just as the many crafters on youtube have inspired me to make my own! ~

I started polymer clay crafting in May of 2013 and Needle felting in September of 2013. I'm still learning and getting better everyday!

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Well I was considering it at one point but it’s a lot of responsibility and I have a lot going on with work and school right now, but maybe sometime in the future XD

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One of your posts with your crafts was featured on the homepage of Tumblr!! That's how I found your blog, at least, and that's probably why your tumblr is blowing up right now. :)

Oh wow!! That’s awesome! Thanks for telling me XD

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Do you sell your creations?

At the moment I’m not selling my creations. I’m still kinda new at this XD